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  • Video
    Deventer Raamwerk Manual
  • Video
    Deventer Raamwerk mini documentary
  • Video
    Promotional video for shop opening from 7 for all mankind
  • Video
    Promotional video for an app to buy a lot in Steenwijkerland
  • Fashiontech
    Like living organisms, is an interactive skin that expresses emotions like between two people when they first meet.
  • Fashionvideo
    Django couture winter 2013.
  • Fashionvideo
    Fashion video for the collection 'Curiosity', where it's all about flexibility.
  • Corporate identity
    Website, animation, full corporate identity made for 'Converge-organic vegetables'.
  • iPhone app
    A game for the Iphone, about a fish in space.
  • Animation
    Trailer for the interactive installation 'Work In Progress'.
  • Illustration
    Illuastration about humanizing nature.
  • Illustration
    Experiment body modification.
  • Illustration
    Illustration about Anorexia Nervosa.
  • Illustration
    Political illustration.
  • Illustration
    Two fasionillustrations.
  • Animation
    AR-YOU is a concept video how to handle augmented reality.
  • Interactive booth
    'Work In Progress' is a look-alike-photobooth where you can modify yourself.
  • Illustration
    Two illustrations about aging.
  • Illustration
    Since when are fish vegetables?
  • Illustration
    Illustration about miscarriage.
  • portrait picture

    Who we are

    A designer duo consisting of Cor and Leonie Baauw.

    Work experience in

    Illustration, video editing, motion graphics, photography, prop making and graphic design.

    A few of our clients

    Fromanteel, Roland Pupupin, Bart Hess, KEI tv, Django Steenbakker, Jvtv, Tilsuitable suites, Converge-organic vegetables


    Pretty Smart Textiles
    28-10-2-12 t/m 16-12-2012
    Tio3, Ronse (BE)

    06-2012 t/m 08-2012
    Q21 MuseumQuartier, Wenen (AT)

    Nutrecht, Utrecht (NL)

    22-10-2011 t/m 20-11-2011
    Krabbedans, Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven (NL)

    KMT, Hilversum (NL)

    06-2011 t/m 07-2011
    HKU, Utrecht (NL)

    Interships of Cor and Leonie

    Bart Hess
    Peter Zwaan
    Silvia B
    Harmke koning
    VDVDV Ontwerpers

    info@localandroids.com     •     (+31) ­615941140     •    KvK:50009028

    Local Androids

    Is a design studio that crosses borders in 2D, 3D, traditional, digital and moving images.

    We search for innovative solutions and are not bound by medium. What characterizes our work is the combination between digital editing with traditional materials that gives our work a realistic feel.